Individual Course Descriptions


Grade I & II Exam Review

In order to pass the grade 1 and 2 exams, key wastewater principles and mathematical formulas must be understood. In this 3 day course we will teach the fundamentals needed to pass.  Focusing on a broad range of wastewater theories, practices, mechanical and regulatory issues, followed by an extensive math preparation course; students will learn how to approach an exam problem and will be confident to solve it.


Grade III Exam Review

The grade 3 exam is known as a difficult exam for both the experienced and less experienced. This 3 day class is focused on specific wastewater theories, practices,  cost analysis, upset troubleshooting, process optimization and includes extensive essay & math preparation. Complex problems are broken down and easy to remember solutions are taught.


Grade IV & V Exam Review

Many are hesitant to take the Grade IV or V exam due to the complex math questions and required advance process knowledge. Not only must you master key wastewater formulae and management principles, but you must be able to use them in various scenarios. In this three day course we will help you become ready for such a challenge. Students will learn how to break these complex math problems into simple steps. Students will analyze process alternatives, enhancements, regulations and how to make cost effective decisions as a plant manager.


Other Opportunities

Our most popular classes are always scheduled first and, dependent upon demand, others will be made available. Upon special requests, our trainers will provide customized training on exam preparation, process optimization, sampling techniques, and energy management. Special request can be made via contact information here.

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