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  1. Ricky


    I could not have passed without this class! Thanks Ben and I would happily use your companies services again!

  2. John


    Thanks to their training coarse I was able to finally pass my grade 5. Best coarse offered in wastewater.

  3. Drew


    Took the Viridian Course in September of 2018 and passed my grade 3, and took the September 2019 course for my grade 4 and PASSED! I felt almost over prepared. The dimensional analysis is such a perfect way to do wastewater math, and Ben and Dave are pro’s at showing it. The essay reviews from the class were directly relevant to the essays on the test. Best training i have ever been to. thanks guys, I hope to see you again in 2022 for the grade 5 review

  4. Jon Searcy


    This is my second review for these guys. I again took their IV/V prep class and took and passed my grade V on the first try again. Im doneeee!!!!
    Thanks again guys

  5. Matt Green


    Once again a big thanks to Ben and Dave. I recently took my grade IV and passed. I have been using the guys at Viridian for my grades I, II, III and IV and have passed them all on the first try. I highly recommend Viridian for getting prepared for the state tests. I will continue to use them for when I take my V. Awesome job guys I greatly appreciate all your help.

  6. Anthony N


    Took the grade III and passed on my first try.

    Ben and Dave both not only know the material but convey it in a way that makes sense. I went into the exam feeling over prepared, and I was. The study material included in the course is invaluable. In class, Ben and Dave break everything down including essay and math problems so that you can understand and solve them yourself.

    Cant recommend them enough.

  7. Jon Searcy


    I took their 4/5 prep coarse in March and passed the 4 on my first try. I basically studied just their material the last 3 weeks and i felt really prepared for the test.

  8. Jose M


    Took the Grade 3 prep class in March 2018. Ben did a great job with the class and covered all essential information needed to get me to PASS!!! my Grade 3 exam. See you guys when I get ready for my 5

  9. Nicholas Talbot


    Amazing class! Operators teaching other operators. No better way than that! Passed my Grade IV after taking this class. Thank you!

  10. Carl


    AWESOME CLASS thank you guys! the way you presented the material really helped me understand some of the more difficult problems i struggled with. other classes iv been to was either too much info, or overly complicated. Your class was perfect for what i needed. I’m happy to report i have finally passed!

  11. Nolan Garcia


    Great Class and great review of essays and Math. I took the Grade 3 review class in Sept. 2017 and passed my test in October! Not only was the class helpful to brtush up on my math but the online practice tests helped alot!

  12. Chris O'Connor


    I received my results Sunday and I passed the Grade 1. Thank you very much your class was helpful. I would certainly recommend anyone wanting to brush up on general information that is well laid out and easy to follow along to take this prep class. The instructors are knowledgeable and can help with any questions you have they also have the time to slow down on any parts if extra attention is needed or speed up depending on the classes needs and understanding of the material.

    Thanks again for the class

  13. Alan


    I took this class in preparation for the Grade V exam. I just got my results and I passed on the first try. This class really honed in on the subjects needed to do well on the test.

    The math (while quite painful to go over in class) was extremely valuable. They actually made the practice math more difficult than the questions on the actual test. As a result, I breezed through the math on the exam.

    The instructors Ben and Dave are active operators in a WWTP so they know how to relate the information to the real world. They are helpful and very approachable if you have questions.

    I recommend this course.

  14. Trang


    I recently took and passed the Grade V exam on the first attempt. I can attribute my success to this preparatory class.

    Prior to taking this class, I was perusing through material from other prep classes. These study guides left a lot to be desired, whether it made typically simple concepts too convoluted for me to follow, or it presented too much information for me to go through in a timely manner.

    This class takes out all of the unnecessary information and gives you a clear guideline of what subjects to focus on. The instructors provide a study guide at the start of the class that presents subjects, which are highly likely to appear on the exam, in a clean and concise manner. Without all of the verbiage that you would typically need to wade through in other study material, you find that understanding and memorizing concepts is much easier.

    The information and practice provided at this preparatory class is priceless, as I have found several questions that are covered in the prep class have appeared on the exam in one form or another. In fact, the questions that are covered in the prep class are more difficult than the questions on the actual exam!

    I highly recommend this preparatory class to anyone who is looking for a class that will leave you well prepared for the Grade IV & V exam.

  15. Gary Crawford


    Passed my five on the first try, largely thanks to their prep class.

    Ben and Dave have made a real effort to produce study materials that are FOCUSED. I’ve seen the materials from some other courses, and they tend to be huge, encyclopedic texts, that try to include everything and the kitchen sink.

    The Viridian text, by comparison, is slim. . . but it has NO wasted space. Not everything in the text showed up on the test, but it is ALL information that you should know if you plan to take the five. If you know the material in the text, you will be well prepared to handle most of the essay questions that could be thrown at you, and it will improve your odds on the multiple choice as well.

    The classroom instruction is well executed. Every day, I went home feeling ‘wrung out.’ They really hammer the math, and the sample tests and questions that they make available on line are excellent, because they are actually -more difficult- than what you may see on the actual test.

    Can’t recommend them enough. When you consider how much testing costs these days, this class is money well spent. Why take the test twice when you can pass it the first time around?

  16. TIM D


    Great class. Passed the wastewater 5 on first attempt. Study guides are great and very relevant to the material on the test.

    I have been to other classes for other grade levels and these guys do a good job at staying on top of whats currently on the test. Some of the other classes I have been to are stuck in the 1990s.

  17. William Hunt


    I passed my Grade V on the first attempt. This is after waiting 36 years since my Grade III exam. I am living proof that an old dog can learn new tricks, especially if they are trained by Viridian. The course work was right on track and the trainers were excellent. I am very thankful for the training, the study materials, and most off the confidence that the instructors have in their students. Thanks!

  18. Gregg Aleck


    Took the class in preparation of the April 9th Grade 3 test. Had been studying prior, of course, but felt I was all over the place…not sure of what material to focus on and totally up in the air as far as the essays.

    This class took care of those concerns…the material covered was to the point, the math likewise (and for the first time I got a handle on dimensional analysis/railroad tracks) and the essay prep was spot on.

    This was a great class. The instructors maximized the time allotted and covered all the material thoroughly.

    I felt much more prepared for the test after taking this class…and I did pass on my first try!

    Highly recommend Viridian to anyone looking for a solid prep class prior to taking any of the California Wastewater Certification tests.

  19. Matt Green


    I just wanted to extend my thanks to the guys at Veridian for all their help. I recently took the grade III exam and passed. I couldn’t have done it without their help. They help you to focus on what areas to study, they were able to give me a great understanding of the math and essays as well. I highly recommend them and I will continue to use them for my grades IV and V.

  20. Reply

    I took the class to prepare for the April 9 2016 exam, the WW 3, I came from a water background and was not certified in wastewater at all, after having everyone tell me that the WW 3 was the hardest test to pass I figured why not start there it seemed smart, so my goal was to understand the test that was all, but after they teach you how to really use the formulas and reviewing the info they give you, I realized that there was an opportunity to do better as long as I applied myself. I took advantage of there study quizzes and book and put in as much time as I could, and it worked, I just received my exam results and I passed, thanks to Viridian Wastewater and yes I will use their services again for my WW 4.

  21. Reply

    Best prep class. I took the grade 3 class from them and after taking the exam I can tell you that their training is great. I felt prepared and they covered most of what I saw on the test. Their essay and math prep was spot on.

  22. Ian Ivey


    Fantastic study class. I felt I needed a good refresher before taking the Grade 4 exam. Not only were the instructors very knowledgeable, but the course material that was covered did a great job in helping prepare me to take and pass the test. The math practice was very straightforward and by the end was almost second nature. The class environment was very accommodating. The instructors were did a great job explaining the math and subject matter, and the pace didn’t feel rushed or dragged out. I honestly feel that I would have struggled on the Grade 4 if I had not taken this study class. I highly recommend.

  23. H. Tallant


    I strongly recommend this class. The instructors were very good at breaking down problems. I passed my Grade II. Thanks.

  24. Nick


    I took this class to help prepare for the grade 1 exam. Just got my results and I passed, I had a very strong feeling I passed right when I finished the test thanks to this class! They go through the math problems in the most effective ways I’ve ever seen and I knew I had at least an 80% on the math portion just because I KNEW I did them right.

  25. Dean


    Grade III Test Class – Great depth of knowledge and entertaining method of presentation. Both Ben and Dave demonstrate a complete grasp of the topics. I would trust in them to guide me through future testing. Mistakes made when working through problems in class are actually the best instruction as you learn where to check your own work when taking the test.

    Bottom Line:

    1. Viridian math problems are exponentially harder than the test…understand them and you are home free

    2. Math portion of test will cause stress…don’t over think them, you won’t need to go as far as you did in class

    3. Essay – however many points the question is worth is how many informational points you need

    4. Study big picture thinking – the T/F and Multiple Choice are all over the place

    Thanks, Fellas.

  26. Ralph


    I took the review course for the Grade II test coming in with a strong understanding of the math involved. To my surprise railroading out every math problem in the class helped me to fully understand in detail all concepts. When it came time to taking the test the math was the easiest portion and it gave me time to double check the rest of my answers. Their course material they give you was well fitted for the test and made studying so much easier. I passed the Grade II with confidence, thank you Ben and David. I’ll be seeing you guys for my Grade III review within the next year.

  27. Dillon


    After taking the course I felt very confident and that carried me to a “Pass” on the exam!
    Thanks guys, see you for the next course.

  28. David Chandler


    I Passed! Grade II. Just got the letter in the mail. First I need to say that I had practically no experience with Wastewater math, only the correspondence course I took and that was very confusing for me. Ben and Dave made it really simple, not easy, simple. I still had to practice plenty. And as for the rest of the stuff on the Grade II (I went strait for II) I really felt comfortable with the knowledge they gave me. Take the class, take notes, follow the math principles they use, study their material, practice. That’s what I did.
    Thanks Ben and Dave

  29. Dillon


    Class was great. Well prepared, organized and structured. Took exam recently and I’m currently awaiting results. I do feel comfortable that I did well and I felt very prepared in part to the Prep Class that Ben and Dave taught. I will look forward to taking future prep courses with these guys for other grade levels and I highly recommend these prep courses to others.

  30. Martha


    I got a lot out of this prep course. These guys provide a great service. I took a different course and left early because I felt it wasn’t suited to me. When you are at test prep time, your time becomes extremely valuable. You’re going to want to make sure you invest your time with people who will benefit you while you take your test. That’s what they did for me. The math is presented in a way that works for me (dimensional analysis, cross canceling, train tracks), the study material they provided became my main focus for studying. It narrowed the search for information. I dug into it and it paid off. The class had some occasional friendly chit chat but in general was kept on point, professional and structured.
    I will definitely take the next course for the next exam. My only wish would be to schedule the class 2 weeks earlier. I would have really liked to have an extra 2 weeks for study.

  31. Richard Harris


    I attended Ben and David’s two day Math class for Grade IV and V. I was the only one who attended, and to my surprise they did not cancel. I was extremely lucky to have these two young gentleman teach me one on one for two days. I actually went away knowing when to divide and when to multiply ( joke between us three)! The topics where just what I needed and their style of teaching worked for me very well. I would tell anyone looking for a good review to give Viridian LLC a call. Thanks again boys, and David let me know when we are going fishing!!!

  32. Victoria Long


    This class was outstanding. Everything that they covered in class was on my test. Very helpful information. The instructors made sure that all questions were answered and covered the material multiple times. Would highly recommend taking this course when preparing for your exam.

  33. Matt Green


    The class was great. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to help focus your studying and you will come away with a better understanding of the math portion of the test. I would recommend this class to anyone preparing to take a wastewater test. I will be signing up again in the future as I try to take higher grade tests. Thanks again guys.

  34. Norman Woods


    Excellent class, with professional instructors who took the information they were conveying to the class seriously. The two instructors didn’t rush, and always answered any questions that students may have had as the class progressed. I would highly recommend them.

  35. Aaron Fullerton


    Great class. Not too much, not too little. I’ve taken another class that was crammed with too much information and came out confused. This was by far better, not to mention having two instructors worked surprisingly well. I’ll be back when I’m ready for my five!

  36. Brad


    Working with these instructors really helped me when I was prepping for my grade IV. I had taken a long break between tests, and these instructors really helped me get back into test-taking mode. They really know how to break mathematical concepts down into manageable chunks, and their classes are focused on the specific kinds of questions that show up on the test. I highly recommend them.

  37. Gary Crawford


    These guys are pros. I’m far from being a “natural” at math, but these guys know the State tests inside and out; I worked with them before the grade II and the grade III, and both times I found the math section to be the easiest part of the test. All of the math questions on the test ended up being material that we had covered, and the instruction made me very confident and comfortable. I finished the math section quickly, and had more time to focus on the rest of the test.

    When you consider how much the testing costs these days, working with these guys is a good investment — it beats the heck out of taking the test repeatedly. Two thumbs up!

  38. Robert


    Good class and good math material. One of the best classes taken. Instructors really go over needed material. If you study and learn the math presented in this class, your chance at passing is great. I took the test many times, then learned the math from this class and passed on my first try. Great class and great instructors. Hands down.

    Click here for an interview and background of Robert

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