Viridian Wastewater Consulting offers the following services

Examination Preparation Training

Viridian offers preparation classes twice a year for all grade levels, sponsored by a Public Agency which allows attendees to receive credible contact hours. Viridian also offers private classes to agencies or private corporations seeking certification training for their staff. Please call for more details.

Operational Staff Training

Viridian will also provide onsite training for you operations department. Training may be customized to be fit your needs and could include various site specific processes, unit optimizations, process troubleshooting, best management practices, development of Standard Operating Procedures, NPDES & WDR permit compliance and establishing a training program.

Process Review & Optimization

Viridian will provide an experienced outside non biased review of your process, troubleshoot any process upset, and report any potential optimizations. This service will include review of required documentation, site visit and development of a conclusion report. This service is helpful to provide staff with another helpful resource at low cost.

Smart Technology  Integration

Viridian may help staff replace existing data entry methods with newer technology that allows paperless entries and plant checks. Utilizing tools such as DO Forms, Viridian can assist in the integration and set up phase . Viridian can also evaluate current technology uses and provide potential cost saving recommendations.

Provisional Operations 

In April of 2013, new state regulations were passed requiring all private wastewater treatment plants to have a certified operator on staff. Viridian offers services to assist owners with compliancy. Services may include:

Standby consultation, establishing proper sampling procedures, filing proper documentation with the OOC, development and training on Standard Operating Procedures, training on regulatory permits and reporting  requirements, filing for Class 1 exemption, staff direction for certification, certification training, retainer for Chief Plant Operator requirements.


For all inquires call us at (707) 418-8992 Monday -Friday 0800 – 1600