WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO GAIN? – Here are the top 8!

1. As a students you will spend three days in an interactive classroom, where you will receive focused wastewater training relevant to each exam grade level.


2. Your instructors are vastly experienced, certified & licensed Subject Matter Experts (SBEs), who are not only knowledgeable regarding taking the exams, but have developed a unique efficacious teaching style.


3. Expect to discuss and learn on topics such as common industry practices, wastewater theories, treatment technology, process troubleshooting and optimization techniques, safety, maintenance concerns, wastewater math formulas, environmental regulations and best management practices.


4. Online practice exams are made available to you every week until your exam!


5. Over a hundred practice questions are utilized in each class!


6. An extensive math review course is included that focuses on difficult wastewater math problems that must be mastered in order to pass specific grade level exams. Each problem is broken down and easy to remember steps are taught.


7. In-depth essay discussions on the wastewater industry will help prepare you to answer those difficult essay questions.


8. Testing and studying strategies, your own proprietary workbook, and of course refreshments and snacks.



These courses are designed to appeal to all, regardless of prior experience or education. Those who are new to the field find our courses indispensable in preparing for their first exam. More experienced operators find the courses a great refresher, and an excellent way to hone existing skills.