We first met Robert several years ago working at a 17.5 MGD activated plant in the bay area. A great and fun loving guy, Robert has been in the wastewater business for over 20 years. Yet he could never reach his goal of passing the grade 3 operator’s exam. In fact he told us he has taken the test so many times, he has lost count. He got to the point where he would just walk out and not even attempt to finish it anymore. What was Robert’s biggest obstacle? The math problems. Even though he has worked as an operator for many years, experienced in all facets of the job, he could never pass the grade 3 because of the math. Robert reached out to Viridian and we wanted to help. Robert attended our 2 day Grade 3 Math class in 2013. We are proud to announce he has finally succeeded in passing his Grade 3.  Here is a short interview he provided telling his story: An Interview with Robert