Each year hundreds of wastewater professionals strive to accomplish their goal of passing a California wastewater operator exam. The high stakes testing environment causes many to approach the test with increased levels of both anticipation and anxiety. While successfully passing a certification exam can lead to improved career opportunities, failure can result in hundreds of dollars in lost fees, and a lengthy wait for the next testing opportunity. For many, failure is not an option. This is why Viridian Wastewater Consulting offers certification exam preparation courses.



Students spend 2 to 3 days in an interactive classroom, where they study and review targeted wastewater topics relevant to the specific exam grade level. Instructors are experienced wastewater professionals-intimately familiar with the content and structure of the State exams. Courses themselves, come in two main flavors-Math Preparation, or Comprehensive.

Math Preparation classes focus on difficult wastewater math formulas that must be mastered in order to pass specific grade level exams. Each formula is broken down and its principles analyzed. Students also work through numerous sample problems of the most commonly tested formulas, and learn to identify and solve the simple components of complex multipart problems. Students who enter the class struggling with the math portion of the test will emerge with increased confidence and skill.

Comprehensive classes combine math preparation with wastewater treatment theories and principles to prepare students for the essays and practical knowledge sections of each exam level. General testing strategies are covered, paired with specific discussions of the processes and theories that appear most commonly on the exam.



These courses are designed to appeal to all, regardless of prior experience or education. Those who are new to the field find our courses indispensable in preparing for their first exam. More experienced operators find the courses a great refresher, and an excellent way to hone existing skills.


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